July 22
"Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?" -Tom Lehr
"...In San Francisco, a bomb at a Preparedness Day parade on Market Street kills 10 people and wounds 40. The bomb was hidden in a suitcase. The parade was organized by the city's Chamber of Commerce in support of America's possible entrance into World War I. San Francisco was suffering through severe labor strife at the time, and many suspected that anti-war labor radicals were responsible for the terrorist attack..." July 22
"...Gefreiter Hitler attends political indoctrination classes at Lechfeld, aimed at training him as a Propagandaleute (propaganda agent) for the Reichswehr. The Aufklarungskommando, or clarification detachment, is commanded by Rudolf Beyschlag, and his first report to Captain Mayr [above] will mention Hitler assisting in guiding the discussion sessions after Beyschlag's lectures. Subsequent reports to Mayr make it clear that Hitler is the standout among the first group..." July 22
"...US troops occupy Iceland to provide protection for American ships sailing to England. President Franklin Roosevelt says it is to prevent the island's occupation by Germany..." July 22
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"...Besides blunders in strategic planning, the Nazi leadership also hurt the German cause in the East by promoting its racist ideology. Nazi propaganda "prepared the soil for the concept of "Untermensch" (human beings of lesser value)." . . . . As author Frederick Schuman sums it up, "The Nazi cult of violence doomed the Nazi leaders, in the end to death." Thus, the racist ideology promoted by Hitler and the Nazis led to the justification of extreme violence, even in the context of warfare, against the indigenous population of the Soviet Union, which was counter-productive. The masses of the Soviet Union were discontent with Stalin, and had Hitler been a little more flexible——even temporarily——the results might have been different for Germany..." July 22
"...the systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw ghetto begins, as thousands are rounded up daily and transported to a newly constructed concentration/extermination camp at Treblinka, in Poland . . . . By the end of the war, between 700,000 and 900,000 would die at either Treblinka I or II..." July 22
Cynthia Southern’s Holocaust Daily: (@cmsouthern) Auschwitz 07/21/1944: The following escape from Auschwitz I: the Polish prisoner Jerzy Bielecki (No, 243), born on 03/28/1921, who was sent from the camp in Tarnow on 07/14/1940, with the first transport of Polish prisoners by the SD and the Polish Jewess Cyla Stawiska (No. 295558), born on 12/19/1920, who was sent to the camp in an RSHA transport from the ghetto in Zambrow on 01/19/1943. After the successful escape, the two hide themselves in the area around Miechow until the end of the war. Image of Bielecki and Stawiska. She changed her name to Cyla Sybulska later.
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July 22
From Hitler, The Path to Power, by Charles Bracelen Flood: On July 19, in the Munich office from which he ran the propaganda section of the Bavarian army, Captain Karl Mayr opened a report from a Captain Lauterbach, who was in charge of troop indoctrination at Camp Lechfeld, seventy miles west of Munich. The camp was filled with German soldiers who had been captured and were being repatriated by the Allies, and Captain Lauterbach expressed his belief that "the ground in Camp Lechfeld is Bolshevistically and Spartacistically contaminated." He said that Independent Socialist agitators were getting into the camp and among the returning prisoners of war, ruining their political attitudes. Some especially reliable soldier-speakers were needed to counteract all this.
Two days later Hitler received orders to proceed to Lechfeld with an Aufklarungskommando, or clarification detachment. The leader among the soldier-speakers was Rudolf Beyschlag, and the first report sent to Mayr mentioned Hitler as a sort of straight man who did a fine job in guiding the discussion after Beyschlag's talk, "Who Bears the Guilt for the World War?" Soon, however, the reports coming back to Mayr made it clear that Hitler had become the star of the program. He spoke on "Peace Terms and Reconstruction," his indictment of the Versailles Treaty, which struck Captain Lauterbach as being "extremely passionate and comprehensible." Hitler went on to speak on other topics, and the captain's estimate was soon exceeded by a report from another witness to Hitler's oratory, who wrote, "Herr Hitler, if I may put it this way, is the born people's speaker, and by his fanaticism and his crowd appeal he clearly compels the attention of his listeners, and makes them think his way. "
There was, however, a little problem about the speech Hitler gave on August 25. The title was "Capitalism," and while the speech was rated by Captain Lauterbach as "attractive, clear, passionate,' there was also this sympathetic but troubled passage;
"Within this speech he [Hitler] came to the question of the Jews — while Hitler was giving his presentation, there arose problems of differences of opinion about how clearly one should utter one's opinion about the Jews. If the question of the Jews were presented in a very clear way, with respect to our Germanic standpoint, if it were done like that, it could give Jews reason to regard these speeches as Jew-baiting. This is why I find it necessary to treat this question as carefully as possible, and too clear hints about a strange race should be avoided."
It was at this same time that Hitler wrote from Camp Lechfeld to the Miinchener Beobachter, a Munich racist sheet that had, under another name, been a trade journal for butchers, and more recently had gone through a phase in which its articles had been evenly divided between anti-Semitism and horse-racing news. Hitler said that he had some ideas that would interest the editors and that he would like to write for them, but his offer was rejected.
Perhaps because of the reports from Lechfeld, Captain Mayr began to think of Hitler as his resident expert on the subject of the Jews.
Charles Bracelen Flood http://charlesbracelenflood.com/about/
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